6 best vegetables for the city farm

City farming is becoming increasingly popular, as more and more people aspire to learn more about it. Urbanites turn to urban agriculture as a way to boost their healthy foods supply, and utilize land more innovatively. City farms are often limited in space, and the idea is to focus on plants that will produce maximum yields and occupy minimum space. If you’re looking to launch your city garden this year, this post highlights our best lists of vegetables that you should start with.

1.      Green Pepper

Also known as the California Wonder Pepper, this is a common plant that’s easily grown in a container. The Green Pepper plant will only occupy a square foot worth of space and can be conveniently included in many prepared-at-home dishes. In the dead of winter, the Green Pepper can be frozen to maintain that garden-fresh taste.

2.      Zucchini

This is a relatively small plant that does very well in city or backyard gardens. The Zucchini can be grown in a container and still produce the same yields it would if it were grown in ground. Just like the cucumber, Zucchini can be consumed fresh, baked in bread, grilled, or frozen for later use. Given its small size, zucchini can be said to be immensely productive. It produces massive fruits per each plant, and suits your home gardening needs.

3.      Beans

Regardless the specific type, bean plants don’t occupy that much space, and thus are ideal for growing in the urban gardening space. When grown in a raised bed, bush beans can particularly optimize space. On the other hand, pole beans maximize space vertically. You can eat beans fresh, or combine them with multiple dishes. Indeed, beans are an American stable.

4.      Tomatoes

Tomatoes are technically the best vegetable to grow on the city farm. The good news is that tomatoes can be grown in the ground, in a container, in a raised bed, in hanging baskets, upside-down, and in many other ways. In the U.S and around the world, tomatoes are a popular staple that’s used in multiple dishes.

5.      Potatoes

Most beginner city gardeners tend to think that potatoes are hard to grow, but that’s actually not the case. Potato seeds available in the market nowadays can be bred to resist common diseases that affect this plant. You can plant potatoes in a bucket or in the ground within your home garden.

6.      Carrots

If you’re looking to make the best out of your limited city garden space, carrots are probably what you should start with. You should sow carrot seeds 2 inches apart in the ground, or 32 seeds for each square foot in a raised bed. You can also grow carrots in a container. When freshly picked, carrots are a delicacy. They can be prepared with just about any dish, from slaws to soups.

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