An update on the Long term care Workforce Center

…we posted the Long term care Workforce Center article back in October and now we are partnering with Desert Rain to potentially produce food for a new endeavor to feed LTC facilities.  Diet is important and both patients and guests benefit from healthy food. A big company behind all of this is HybridLTC with their initiatives on health for their clients.

Being a nurse or care taker of a senior has many challenges and requires a lot of hard work. You go through physical and emotional stress and strain as well as sleep deprivation. Managing your time can be difficult and having the proper training and skills are crucial for this job.

The American Health Care Association has partnered with the Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute to create a place where these skilled nurses and caregivers can come and receive professional training and personal development. This workforce center allows workers and providers the proper information that they need.

Providing skilled care for a nurse or caregiver will allow them to be experts in managing, observing, and evaluating their patients care. They provide safe and effective care to seniors at a rehabilitative facility or skilled nursing facility.

As a senior receiving this type of quality care can be rather expensive. The average costs of Long Term Care is $7,698 for a private room in a nursing home. So the big questions is: How are seniors going to be able to pay for Long Term Care costs?

Hybrid Long Term Care Insurance is the answer. Hybrid LTC provides the benefits of Long Term Care Insurance coverage and combines it with life insurance. This will allow coverage for the type of care a senior will need in a nursing home or other type of facility.

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