8 Houseplants to Improve Indoor Air Quality

A common misconception is that pollution is ‘outside’, that ozone, smog, or haze lingering in the air during those summer days. But the truth of the matter is that the air inside our offices, homes, and other interior locations are actually more polluted. Think about it, the air inside your living spaces could be polluted by fire-retardants, volatile fragrances, and chemicals used in cleaning agents, house dust, formaldehyde and many other substances. These indoor pollutants can aggravate conditions such as asthma in kids, and trigger numerous health defects in adults.

So how do you go about making sure that you have clean, healthy air in your home?

One of the best ways to accomplish this is by planting certain plants that have been known to breathe both life and color into indoor spaces. These are low-maintenance plants that can be easily grown and kept anywhere within your house, office or business premises.

i)                    Dracaena

Draca enaPopular varieties of this plant, including the red-edged dracaena, the Cornstalk, the Warneck and many others have been known to dramatically improve indoor air quality. They are easy to maintain and care for since they require infrequent watering, tolerate low humidity and thrive in low light conditions.



ii)                  Bamboo Palm

Bamboo PalmBamboo palm is widely recognized as one of the houseplants that expel pollutants from the air within a home. This plant is characterized by cane-like, slender stems and feathery, deep green leaves. The can grow from a lowly 10 inches to a maximum height of roughly 15 feet.


iii)                Philodendron

PhilodendronCommonly used by interior designers and home improvement aficionados, Philodendrons are valuable houseplants. They have an excellent status as air fresheners that thrive under minimal care. They are characterized by glossy, glaring green foliage that can burgeon quite large.


iv)                English Ivy

English IvyThis is a versatile houseplant that is also magnificent. English Ivy grows well in hanging baskets or pots. It can also be conditioned to grow on a railing or trellis. The plant does a hell of a job when it comes to improving air quality within interior spaces. English Ivy are often aggressive growers that need regular pruning to stay in show shape.


v)                  Spider Plant

Spider PlantThe spider plant happens to be one of the easiest air-quality-improving houseplants to grow. This species produces ‘baby spiders’ on a regular basis at the winding end of their wiry stems. They thrive better in moderate sunlight environments but prefer rather humid settings. They are highly recommended for the kitchen and bathrooms.


vi)                Peace Lily

Peace LilyThe Peace Lily is a key plant with multiple positive effects when it comes to enhancing the indoor quality of air. It’s relatively easy to care for and adds aesthetic value to your indoor spaces. The plant tolerates moderate-to-high humidity, as well as low light conditions. It is characterized by glossy and thick leaves, as well as dramatic whitish blooms.


vii)              Weeping Fig

Weeping FigWeeping Figs probably weep a lot of fresh air into your home, office, business premises or any other in-building space. This plant is considered one of the most common indoor tree houseplants. Typically, it grows between 4 and 6 feet tall and thrives in environments that have humidity and bright light. However, keep in mind that this plant doesn’t like to be moved around.


viii)            Gerbera Daisy

African DaisyThis is a very popular perennial that is characterized by vivid, large blooms and lush green leaves. The houseplant necessitates very little care and can easily bloom all year through. Gerbera Daisy plants are also commonly referred to as African Daisies, and grow up to a foot tall. They make a preferable choice for cut blossoms.


Want to improve the indoor air quality and significantly boost the aesthetic value of your living spaces? Get started with this immensely beneficial and easy to grow houseplants. Bring your city home to live!

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